Can I diffuse the fragrance oils around my pets?

Our pets are as unique as us. The first thing we suggest doing is checking with your vet—your animal may be more sensitive than others, so your vet will know what is best for your animal.

Generally, the majority of essential oils are perfectly okay to diffuse around your pets. We also suggest turning your diffuser off when your animals are home alone, just in case they do become agitated by the scent. We do not recommend allowing your pets to ingest fragrance oils, or allowing our fragrance oils to come into direct contact with your pets.

 Some of our fragrance oils contain essential oils that can be harmful to your pet. We advise that you do not diffuse these particular scents in your home if you have cats or dogs. 

  • Burning Rome: Clove Oil
  • Churro: Orange Oil, Nutmeg Oil
  • Florida Nights: Balsam Oil
  • Elephant Grass: Orange Oil
  • Oranges: Bitter Orange Oil, Balsam Oil
  • Pineapple Treat: Citral, Orange Oil
  • Poly Lobby: Pine Oils, Lemon Oil
  • Pretzel Treat: Nutmeg Oil, Orange Oil
  • Royal Sapphire: Orange Oil
  • Walt’s Office: Orange Oil

We have done our best to identify potentially harmful ingredients for you to use as a guide but this may not be a complete list.

(We used as a source for reference. If you require additional information you can email